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Genetic Correlations Between Carcass Traits And Molecular Breeding Values In Angus Cattle

Deregressing estimated breeding values and weighting information for genomic regression analyses

Accuracies of genomic breeding values in American Angus beef cattle using K-means clustering for cross-validation

Accuracy of direct genomic breeding values for nationally evaluated traits in US Limousin and Simmental beef cattle

Impact of reduced marker set estimation of genomic relationship matrices on genomic selection for feed efficiency in Angus cattle

Reducing bias in maintenance energy expected progeny difference by accounting for selection on weaning and yearling weights

An animal breeding approach to the estimation of genetic and environmental trends from field populations

Genomic prediction of simulated multibreed and purebred performance using observed fifty thousand single nucleotide polymorphism genotypes

Genetic and phenotypic parameter estimates for feed intake and other traits in growing beef cattle, and opportunities for selection

The accuracies of DNA-based estimates of genetic merit derived from Angus or multibreed beef cattle training populations

Accuracies of direct genomic breeding values in Hereford beef cattle using national or international training populations

Genome-wide association analysis for feed efficiency in Angus cattle

Genetic Correlations Between Carcass Traits And Molecular Breeding Values In Angus Cattle

Genetic relationships between feed efficiency in growing males and beef cow performance

Genetic associations between feed efficiency measured in a performance test station and performance of growing cattle in commercial beef herds

Phenotypic and genetic parameters for different measures of feed efficiency in different breeds of Irish performance-tested beef bulls

Genetics of feed efficiency in dairy and beef cattle

NBCEC White Paper on Genomics in Beef Cattle



National Program for Genetic Improvement of Feed Efficiency in Beef Cattle



Genetics of Feed Efficiency in Dairy and Beef Cattle (ppt)

Dr. Kerley discusses variation in cattle efficiency

Feed Efficiency Project