Undergraduate Research

Poster: Effect of Herd Background on Feedlot Cattle Performance

B. J. Petersen, J. R. Russell, and S. L. Hansen, Iowa State University

Bailey PetersenBailey Petersen,
Spring 2013
Science with Practice
Year: Sophomore
Department: Animal Science
Mentor: Dr. Stephanie Hansen

Q & A

How did you help with the feed efficiency project?

I helped sort and weigh the steers. I also helped Jason Russell (PhD student in Dr. Hansen’s lab) make a table describing the differences in the feedlot performance of the steers.

What did you find interesting about the project?

What I found the most interesting was that there was a significant difference in the average daily gain of the steers from Minnesota and it made me wonder how the steers from that farm were raised compared to the steers that had a lower average daily gain.